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Playground Line Marking

Zebra line marking offers a great range of equipment for playground line marking. Playground line markings provide fun and educational games for children, or sports pitches and courts. Zebra hard surface line marking paint provides durable, bright and colourful lines for hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. It is a durable, bright and hard wearing paint, available in a fantastic range of colours - including white, yellow, red, blue, green and more! We also have temporary paint available for making lines and markings that can be washed away when required. Zebra line marking paint is ideal for local authorities, schools, nurseries and more. This playground line marking paint can be applied using a Zebra hard surface line marking machine. Whether you are a DIY user or a professional contractor, there is playground line marking solution for you in the Zebra range.

Playground Line Marking Paint

Permanent and temporary paints available for playgrounds, parks & pitches

Zebra hard surface line marking paint is perfect for playground line marking. It can be used indoors and outdoors on concrete and tarmac surfaces. It is available in a range of bright and vibrant colours - including white, yellow, red, blue, green and more. It can be used for making a wide range of highly visible, colourful and long lasting lines and marks on playground surfaces. It is ideal for marking out fun and educational games on the ground, as well as sports courts and pitches. We also have Zebra temporary line marking paint available for playground painting. This paint can be applied and then removed when required, using either a brush and water or pressure washer. This makes it ideal for events and sports days.

Playground Line Marking Machines

Great range of options for users of all levels

Zebra paint can be applied by hand using a brush or roller in order to mark out areas in playgrounds. It can also be applied by line marker applicator, in order to get precise, accurate and crisp lines, for a range of different games and sports pitches and courts. There are three different line markers available in the Zebra line marking range - the Eco, Pro and Deluxe. Each of these spray line marking machines applies Zebra hard surface line marking paint and temporary paint perfectly, for rich, bright and sharp lines. The Eco is a compact and simple to use machine, perfect for DIY users. It can be used by schools, nurseries and businesses to mark out small playgrounds and pitches easily. The Pro machine is a larger and more robust unit, with a longer battery life than the Eco machine, so it can complete larger marking jobs before needing to be recharged. It is ideal for local authorities and contractors. The Lux machine is the ultimate spray line marker, with a long battery life, and extra features which make it ideal for professional line marking contractors, marking out large playgrounds and sports pitches.

We also have a range of line marking bundle deals available that are ideal for playground line painting. These bundles include a Zebra line marker and 40L of hard surface paint together, with free delivery!